Saucy Hot Fudge Pudding & video!

Saucy Hot Fudge Pudding

Saucy hot fudge pudding is my favourite chocolatey gooey dessert. The reason? I am a 100% chocolate fan, and this saucy hot fudge pudding is the chocolate dessert of chocolate desserts! If anyone loves chocolate more than me, it would have to be my dad. So what a perfect dish to celebrate Father’s day with this weekend!  Continue reading

Honey Roasted Chickpeas

Honey roasted chickpeas are a great snack, a little sweet, crunchy, and a hit of protein. Made with 3 ingredients: chickpeas, honey, and coconut oil!

Honey Roasted are two words that can freak me out because the next word that follows is generally a nut, but not today! Introducing honey roasted chickpeas! Allergy peeps we are taking over the realm of honey roasted with our very own top-8-free sweet snack. Continue reading

8 Tips for eating out with food allergies

Tips for Eating out with food allergies

Eating out with food allergies is a challenge, there is no other way of putting it. It’s hard because you are asking a bunch of strangers to prepare you a safe meal. In other words, you are placing your life in their hands.  Continue reading

Soy-free Wonton Soup & Video

Soy free wonton soup is a refreshing meal perfect after a long day of work or travel. The filling is made of ground meat, lots of ginger and other aromatic ingredients.

There is nothing better than a bowl of wonton soup after a long journey! In my family wonton soup is the go-to meal after a day of travel or a hard day at the office. The best part of getting off a long flight is knowing that wontons are waiting for us in the freezer, ready to be boiled and served with some broth and lettuce. This soup does it all, it revitalises, it fills, it warms, and it puts smiles on the faces of weary travellers.  Continue reading

Travelling to Dubai with Food Allergies

Travelling Dubai with food allergies

Travelling to Dubai with food allergies was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had abroad. Going to a new country can be very nerve wrecking when you have food allergies and is full of worries like:

• What kind of food do they have? Can I eat it?
• How accommodating are restaurants? What oil do they use to cook?
• How common are food allergies in this country?
• How do they label for food allergies?
• What are the hospitals like?

Dubai blew me away! I have never been to a place where they take food allergies as seriously as there.  Continue reading

Creamy Bean Dip

Cream bean dip goes with veggies, cracker, chips, and more! Made with white beans and creaminess comes from quark.

This creamy bean dip is the answer to all your unsolved “what should we eat” questions. Or at least it has been for me over the last few weeks. It is a seriously versatile dip and pairs with pretty much everything. I have had it with cheese and crackers, leftover baked chicken, on top of a salad, as a replacement for sour cream on a baked potato, with roasted veggies, and simply by the spoonful. The possibilities are endless!  Continue reading

Warm Panzanella & Marinated Mozzarella {VIDEO}

Warm panzanella is a crunchy flavourful dish that delights the tastes buds on so many levels from blistered tomatoes to fresh basil and roasted onions.

Panzanella is the perfect answer to stale bread! 

I love panzanella! Even if we have a turbulent past. Panzanella is actually one of the dishes that has sent me to the hospital. Yup, the bread used to make the dish had sesame seeds. Normally I would have hawk-eyed those seeds, but I was a careless young adult, and there are a couple of reasons we didn’t catch them.  Continue reading

The Emotions of an Allergic Reaction

The emotions that come with an allergic reaction

We all know about what happens to the body during an allergic reaction, but we don’t talk much about the emotions of an allergic reaction. How and what you are feeling during and after the reaction. I was, unfortunately, reminded of this last week when I ended up at the hospital.  Continue reading

Warm Lentil Salad

Warm lentil salad is the perfect answer to a healthy and easy weeknight meal. Made of canned lentils, canned diced tomatoes, red onion and flavoured with cumin and red pepper flakes.

Warm lentil salad was our go to meal as vegetarian college students. We (me & my hubby… yes we are college sweethearts) would make sure to always have a couple of cans of lentils and tomatoes in the house to throw this dish together when we wanted something yummy, healthy, and fast. This dish is for realz e-a-s-y! If college students can make it so can you!  Continue reading

Allergy Friendly Paris Part 3: Food Related Activities

Food Allergy Friendly Activities in Paris that are food related! Walking tours and visiting amazing supermarkets!

Doing food-related activities is pretty hard when you have food allergies. For instance, I would love to take a cooking class in Paris, but there is too much risk involved because one of my allergens is likely to appear, especially when it comes to French food. But there are a couple of really fun low-pressure food activities you can do.  Continue reading