How to own the holidays with food allergies

How to own the holidays with food allergies

The holiday season is stressful enough without food allergies! To have a smooth holiday season with food allergies you need to be flexible and prepared. And I know that’s one thing food allergy people are good at.  Continue reading

8 Tips for eating out with food allergies

Tips for Eating out with food allergies

Eating out with food allergies is a challenge, there is no other way of putting it. It’s hard because you are asking a bunch of strangers to prepare you a safe meal. In other words, you are placing your life in their hands.  Continue reading

Travelling to Dubai with Food Allergies

Travelling Dubai with food allergies

Travelling to Dubai with food allergies was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had abroad. Going to a new country can be very nerve wrecking when you have food allergies and is full of worries like:

• What kind of food do they have? Can I eat it?
• How accommodating are restaurants? What oil do they use to cook?
• How common are food allergies in this country?
• How do they label for food allergies?
• What are the hospitals like?

Dubai blew me away! I have never been to a place where they take food allergies as seriously as there.  Continue reading

Allergy Scare: Skin Reaction

food allergy skin reaction

The last time I had a skin reaction to tree nuts was over 20 tears ago to pistachios. My dad was eating them and touched my leg, which then broke out into hives. This happened today to both my arms.  Continue reading

Packing with food allergies

How to pack for a trip when you have food allergies

Packing for a journey always gets me a little frazzled, especially when flying with budget airlines that only allow one carry-on bag. And when they say one, they mean it! (EasyJet! But they are accommodating for peanut allergy peeps!)

The endless questions. What do I bring? What will the weather be like? How many shoes can I fit in my bag? How much stuff can I buy? And then comes the challenge of weaning what I want to take because it won’t fit in my bag! Ahh so overwhelmed! 😱  Continue reading

Food Allergies in the Workplace

How to navigate Food Allergies in the workplace

Do you ever experience “that awkward thing” where you don’t feel 100% secure about your food allergies, but don’t want to put anyone off by asking them to change their habits? And it’s awkward because you aren’t sure what the best thing to do is. It can happen at a restaurant, coffee shop, airplanes (you know what I’m talking about!) and even the workplace.  Continue reading

3 Tips for Food Allergy Parents

Tips for food allergy parents from a food allergy kid

I remember being a tween and having a huge fight with my mom at a restaurant. I can’t remember the details of what happened; I think they put something on the desert that I was allergic to. Anyhow, my mom was only being caring and offered me hers or something of that nature, and it set me off. I felt like she felt sorry for me and I remember telling her to stop pitying me: it was furious and mean. My mom got up, gave us money to pay the bill, and left the restaurant. It sucked. Continue reading

Why I Quit Being a Vegetarian with Food Allergies

Is it hard Being vegetarian with food allergies
At 16, I decided to become vegetarian. I had spent three months in France as an exchange student, eating a lot of meat and what I was eating dawned on me. We consumed a lot of charcuterie, and it was this texture that made me aware of “eating flesh”. At that point, I was allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, and poppy seeds. I was still able to eat a lot of fruits and most importantly soy! So being a vegetarian with my set of food allergens wasn’t too bad. Continue reading

Talking to Kids About Food Allergies

Talking to kids about food allergies

“Are you allergic to eggs?” asked my four-year-old nephew as we were strolling down the road on a typical rainy Berlin day. We were silent up to that point, dodging puddles as we headed to a café. Am I allergic to eggs! Where did that one come from, eggs? Interesting that he chose something from the top 8 allergens. But he doesn’t know that. Luckily, I am only allergic to four of the eight, eggs not included.  Continue reading

5 Things know when at a yoga studio with food allergies

What to know about going to a yoga studio and your food allergies

Did you know you are not free of your food allergies at a yoga studio? Yup! I used to do a lot of yoga and also worked in a studio for a while. In that time, I came across my food allergens more than once and in more than one form.

Yoga is all about relaxing and calming mind and body. You don’t want your food allergies getting in the way of all that chill. For this reason, I thought I would share a couple of things to look out for when doing yoga.  Continue reading