30 Minute Meal Roundup

Six Heathy 30 Minute Meals

CANrecipe Jan 2017

Since starting Whole30, there hasn’t been to much time available to trying out new recipes. I do have a couple of Whole30 inspired recipes in the pipeline! But they haven’t been thoroughly tested, so you have to be patient for those. And I have some food allergy lifestyle blogs coming your way once all this healthy eating business is over 😀  Continue reading

Bacon Fried Rice

Bacon fried rice also know as chǎo fan or lovingly as Chow Yun-fat (the actor) in our house. It is free from soy, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat and can be free from egg.

Bacon fried rice the a great way to use up rice leftovers. This fried rice is fully loaded with bacon goodness! No oils just bacon fat.

When I think of comfort food, chili, and soup naturally come to mind, but if I’m truly honest with myself: comfort food = bacon fried rice! My fondest memories of bacon fried rice are when my parents would pick us up on the last day school before the Christmas holidays. We would head two hours north to the cottage with all our winter gear, pillows, and a steaming pot of fried rice nestled between my sister and me. We were ready to weather holiday traffic and possible snow squalls! All you need is a full tank of gas, family, Queen blasting through the car speakers, and bacon fried rice! Let the holidays begin! Continue reading

Feta fournou

Feta fournou means baked feta, and if you’ve never tasted warm feta before this will change your feta-eating-life! 


I’m really not a fan of anything made from goat or sheep’s milk. And I’m a baby when it comes to any cheese that isn’t cheddar or parmesan. Trying to get me to eat goat cheese is like trying to ask Ina never to cook for Jeffrey again! The worst thing possible! Continue reading

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Spicy vegetarian chili is perfect for warming up on a cold fall day. Pair this vegetarian chili with rice or over nachos!

Spicy vegetarian chili holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first thing I ever cooked for my hubby! If you’ve read my allergy love story, you will know that our first date ended in the hospital due to an anaphylactic reaction (sesame). We were college students, and it was a pretty scary experience not only for us but also for our friends. They were incredibly supportive after my reaction, and even came to pick us up at the hospital. As a thank you for taking care of me, I decided to prepare an allergy friendly vegetarian meal, featuring spicy vegetarian chili.  Continue reading

Salmon Patties (Gluten free)

Salmon patties are made using frozen salmon, so you get the fresh salmon flavour without breaking the bank. They are also delicious as salmon burgers!

Salmon patties! I love salmon, but not what it does to my wallet. Luckily these salmon patties are delicious, and they are made with frozen salmon, which means you won’t be bankrupt at the end of the meal. Win win!  Continue reading

Soy-free Wonton Soup & Video

Soy free wonton soup is a refreshing meal perfect after a long day of work or travel. The filling is made of ground meat, lots of ginger and other aromatic ingredients.

There is nothing better than a bowl of wonton soup after a long journey! In my family wonton soup is the go-to meal after a day of travel or a hard day at the office. The best part of getting off a long flight is knowing that wontons are waiting for us in the freezer, ready to be boiled and served with some broth and lettuce. This soup does it all, it revitalises, it fills, it warms, and it puts smiles on the faces of weary travellers.  Continue reading

Warm Panzanella & Marinated Mozzarella {VIDEO}

Warm panzanella is a crunchy flavourful dish that delights the tastes buds on so many levels from blistered tomatoes to fresh basil and roasted onions.

Panzanella is the perfect answer to stale bread! 

I love panzanella! Even if we have a turbulent past. Panzanella is actually one of the dishes that has sent me to the hospital. Yup, the bread used to make the dish had sesame seeds. Normally I would have hawk-eyed those seeds, but I was a careless young adult, and there are a couple of reasons we didn’t catch them.  Continue reading

Warm Lentil Salad

Warm lentil salad is the perfect answer to a healthy and easy weeknight meal. Made of canned lentils, canned diced tomatoes, red onion and flavoured with cumin and red pepper flakes.

Warm lentil salad was our go to meal as vegetarian college students. We (me & my hubby… yes we are college sweethearts) would make sure to always have a couple of cans of lentils and tomatoes in the house to throw this dish together when we wanted something yummy, healthy, and fast. This dish is for realz e-a-s-y! If college students can make it so can you!  Continue reading

Thai Inspired Crystal Fold

Thai inspired crystal fold is free of soy, gluten, peanuts, treenuts, and sesame seeds. Fish sauce is used to add big flavour to this fun lettuce wrap.

Lately, I find the hardest part of having food allergies is that I am developing more with age. Peanuts and tree nuts have always been an allergy for me, but I have grown into things like soy, sesame, and many fruits & vegetables. It can be challenging because I know what I am missing. Things like sushi, dim sum, and pretty much Chinese food in all its glory.  Continue reading

Creamy Curry Meat Soup

Creamy curry soup

Eating at someone’s house with food allergies

When someone cooks for me, I am always tense. I guess it is best summed up in that I am always nervous about any food that is not prepared by me or observed by me. Admittedly I am a total control freak!

But for real it’s because I have a lot of food allergies. I never know if they forgot about adding an ingredient, whether they read the all labels of the ingredients, how clean the workspace is, and how much cross contamination is in their kitchen. Plus, cooking something that is 100% food allergy safe is a challenge. Continue reading