Pancake Roundup

Pancake Roundup

Do you eat Pancakes on Pancake Tuesday?

Me + Pancakes = meh. I love the idea of pancakes, but whenever I eat them I think well that was ok or never again! Plus I always seem to have an insatiable appetite two hours after eating a plate of them. What’s up with that?  Continue reading

German Potato Pancakes (gluten free)

German potato pancakes are gluten free and make with Whole30 compliant ingredients.

The first time I ever tried potato pancakes, aka Kartoffelpuffer, was at the Chicago Christmas market many moons ago. My hubby and I were a few months into our courtship, and he was showing me the foods from his homeland. I fell in love at first bite. They were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, a little salty, a little greasy, and the perfect partner for apple sauce. Love was in the air big time! Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal

Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal is 4 ingredients, top 8 free, sugar-free, and a sinfully healthy way to start the morning.

Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal - top 8 free & sugar-free oatmeal*This is not a sponsored post. I just love sharing great allergy friendly products.

Who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast? Seriously! What if I told you this dessert for breakfast is sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and not to mention top 8 free! Hello! You just found your match, and it so happens to be the chocolate breakfast of chocolate breakfasts. Meet vegan chocolate oatmeal. This stuff is three things: wicked good, makes all your chocolate dreams come true, and only four ingredients (water, coconut milk, rolled oats, and cocoa).  Continue reading

30 Minute Meal Roundup

Six Heathy 30 Minute Meals

CANrecipe Jan 2017

Since starting Whole30, there hasn’t been to much time available to trying out new recipes. I do have a couple of Whole30 inspired recipes in the pipeline! But they haven’t been thoroughly tested, so you have to be patient for those. And I have some food allergy lifestyle blogs coming your way once all this healthy eating business is over 😀  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 7: Avocado Dressing

Whole30 Meal Plan: Day 7

Big Salad and Avocado dressing

7 Days, 7 Feels

It’s been a week of Whole30! To celebrate, I thought I would share the first 7 feelings that come to mind about the last 7 days.  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 2: Sweet Potato Rösti

Whole30 Meal Plan: Day 2

Whole30 Day 2 Meal plan: sweet potato rosti

It’s only day two and all the feels. Let me get specific: WTF no green smoothies! Man if I knew this two days ago. But for real, I just found out that green smoothies are a no-no-maybe-but-better-no kinda food for Whole30. The reason is they want you to chew your food because drinking it tricks the mind. Also, smoothies generally have a lot of sugar from fruit. I say generally because my green smoothies only contain enough fruit to give the smoothie the sweetness it needs. I’m talking a fourth of a mango. That’s not a lot! Continue reading

Whole30 Day 1: Ratatouille & Meatballs

Whole30 Meal Plan: Day 1

Whole30 Day 1 Meal Plan - Ratatouille & Meatballs

Bring it on Whole30! As you may have realised, especially if you follow the Allergy Girl Eats Instagram account, I am doing Whole30 from January 10th to February 9th. Diets have never been something I support, but Whole30 is not your typical diet: it is a reset. It focuses on learning more about how food impacts your bodily functions and your mental space, such as a food addiction you may not realize you have. Continue reading

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Popcorn

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Popcorn is top 8 free! 

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Popcorn is top 8 free!

Can you think of an easier or more allergy friendly snack than freshly popped popcorn? In the food department, popcorn has no funny business because all it contains is corn kernels and oil. Popcorn is also a perfect blank canvas for flavours! Take this Mexican Chocolate Popcorn. You have the perfect blend of sweet, savoury, salty and a little spicy. Who knew chili powder, chocolate, and popcorn would make such a fab pairing. Continue reading

Nut Free Cookie Exchange

I teamed up with some awesome allergy bloggers in a nut free cookie exchange! 

Nut free cookie exchange

It’s cookie season because that’s essentially what the holiday season is right? Cookies, cookies, and more cookies! And what’s cookie season without a cookie exchange! When I was a kid, my mom would go to an epic cookie exchange with all her friends (who also all happened to be chefs!), and she would come home with a massive box of the most beautifully wrapped cookies. The only trouble was 90% of the cookies contained nuts and the other 10% probably had some trace. As you can image for me, this cookie exchange was all about how beautiful they looked versus tasted.  Continue reading

Kalter Hund

Kalter Hund is a German treat made of chocolate and biscuits. It is top 8 free!

Kalte Hund is a german treat made with chocolate and biscuits. It is easy to make and top 8 free!

Kalter Hund, or cold dog in English, is a crazy dessert that I first encountered at a farmhouse outside of Berlin. I honestly though this was the most decadent and ridiculous treat ever! Cookies layered in chocolate! Ridiculous! Delicious! I need this in my life forever!  Continue reading