Whole30 Day 7: Avocado Dressing

Whole30 Meal Plan: Day 7

Big Salad and Avocado dressing

7 Days, 7 Feels

It’s been a week of Whole30! To celebrate, I thought I would share the first 7 feelings that come to mind about the last 7 days.  Continue reading

Asparagus Potato Salad

Asparagus Potato Salad is made with baby potatoes and a light honey dijon vinaigrette. Perfect for a summer BBQ! Top 8 Allergen Free.

Are you a creamy potato salad or a vinegar potato salad person? That my friends is the big question of the day! I am a non-creamy gal, probably because most mayos are not allergy friendly, so creamy was never really possible.  Continue reading

Warm Panzanella & Marinated Mozzarella {VIDEO}

Warm panzanella is a crunchy flavourful dish that delights the tastes buds on so many levels from blistered tomatoes to fresh basil and roasted onions.

Panzanella is the perfect answer to stale bread! 

I love panzanella! Even if we have a turbulent past. Panzanella is actually one of the dishes that has sent me to the hospital. Yup, the bread used to make the dish had sesame seeds. Normally I would have hawk-eyed those seeds, but I was a careless young adult, and there are a couple of reasons we didn’t catch them.  Continue reading

Warm Lentil Salad

Warm lentil salad is the perfect answer to a healthy and easy weeknight meal. Made of canned lentils, canned diced tomatoes, red onion and flavoured with cumin and red pepper flakes.

Warm lentil salad was our go to meal as vegetarian college students. We (me & my hubby… yes we are college sweethearts) would make sure to always have a couple of cans of lentils and tomatoes in the house to throw this dish together when we wanted something yummy, healthy, and fast. This dish is for realz e-a-s-y! If college students can make it so can you!  Continue reading