Flying Emirates with a Peanut Allergy

Flying Emirates with a Peanut Allergy

During our trip to Australia, we took a total of 11 flights! After all those flights, I must say that I have become a lot cooler about flying. Not because they all went perfectly (more to come later about one of my nightmare situations coming true – it does not involve a reaction), but because with time you get into a routine and develop what makes you feel safe. Continue reading

Flying Airberlin with a peanut allergy

Flying Airberlin with a peanut allergy

Flying Airberlin with a peanut allergy was one of those experiences where you realize regulations for food allergies are few and far between. We booked the flight with Airberlin because it was super cheap, at a good time, and it was only an hour long. After we had booked, I went to look for their allergy policy. Currently, there is no policy online. So the next best thing means, I would need to ask if they had any procedure in place when on board. Continue reading

Traveling Australia with food allergies: Gold Coast

Travelling Australia with food allergies. Where to eat in the Gold coast with a peanut allergy.

Most of the places we stayed at in Australia had a kitchen, which means we cooked roughly 85% of our food. On the rare occasion we wanted to eat out, Gold Coast offered a lot of great options. We ate in two cities in the Gold Coast: Bangalow and Byron Bay. The Lonely Planet lead us to both towns and promised good eats. It did not disappoint. I say that only because we followed The Lonely Planet’s suggestion in Mooloolaba and it was our least favourite culinary experience – I was too nervous and never ended up eating the food I ordered. Continue reading

Travelling Melbourne with a Peanut Allergy

Travelling Melbourne with a Peanut Allergy is a piece of cake, or pie, or burrito bowl! The food options are plentiful!

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

Let’s just say you can eat pretty well in Melbourne when you have a peanut allergy or any other allergy as a matter of fact. My eating in Melbourne was composed of two things: burrito bowls and epic lentil salads. Continue reading

Travelling Brussels with Food Allergies

Travelling to Brussels with Food Allergies

I was a little nervous and unsure what it would be like travelling to Brussels with food allergies. I’ve actually been to Brussels twice, but both times my food allergies were not as severe as they are now. Before my first anaphylactic reaction, I was a lot more daring with the food I ate. So yes I ate Belgian chocolate without checking, and you guessed it, I had a reaction. Needless to say, my memories of Brussels are of throwing up at the train station. See why I was nervous 😉  Continue reading

A Pilot’s Opinion on Flying with a peanut allergy

flying with a peanut allergy

Flying with a peanut allergy takes the fear of flying to a whole new level: you are in an enclosed environment at the mercy of others. You would think that because it can be life threatening for an allergic person to fly other passengers would rally together to make sure that individual is safe. But more often than not, passengers would rather get their complimentary peanuts than accommodate an allergy. It’s true. I’ve heard the angry murmurs after an announcement is made asking people to refrain from eating nuts on the flight. Continue reading

Travelling to Dubai with Food Allergies

Travelling Dubai with food allergies

Travelling to Dubai with food allergies was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had abroad. Going to a new country can be very nerve wrecking when you have food allergies and is full of worries like:

• What kind of food do they have? Can I eat it?
• How accommodating are restaurants? What oil do they use to cook?
• How common are food allergies in this country?
• How do they label for food allergies?
• What are the hospitals like?

Dubai blew me away! I have never been to a place where they take food allergies as seriously as there.  Continue reading

Allergy Friendly Paris Part 3: Food Related Activities

Food Allergy Friendly Activities in Paris that are food related! Walking tours and visiting amazing supermarkets!

Doing food-related activities is pretty hard when you have food allergies. For instance, I would love to take a cooking class in Paris, but there is too much risk involved because one of my allergens is likely to appear, especially when it comes to French food. But there are a couple of really fun low-pressure food activities you can do.  Continue reading

Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Paris Part 2: Interesting Italian

Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Paris: Interesting Italian

Here is part two about my experiences with allergy friendly restaurants in Paris. Leaving the fancy French food behind now it’s all about Italian!

Italian food is the easiest and safest option when you have a sunflower oil, peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergy. Most of the time they cook with olive oil and nuts are only in a few dishes, if any. Italian dessert, however, is generally a no go. When asked where do you want to go out to eat, 99% of the time it’s Italian. I always feel bad dragging my family and friends from Italian restaurant after Italian restaurant, but sometimes they can be surprising, which was the case for us in Paris.  Continue reading

Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Paris Part 1: Fancy French

Allergy Friendly restaurants in paris

Eating out in France is quite a challenge with a sunflower oil allergy because it is the most used oil in restaurants. This means, I don’t eat out much when visiting France, which is a shame since it’s known for its food.

A couple of weeks ago I had a girls getaway with my mom and sister in Paris, and it was all about Food. A 100% gourmand, stuff your face, food coma kind of trip.  Continue reading