Diets, Whole30 & Food Allergies

Whole30 and food allergies

It’s a week into the new year, which means it’s time get cracking on those New Year Resolutions and Resets! After all the baking, eating way too much Kalter Hund, and drinking a fair share of prosecco, it is time for a body reset. This year is the first time I will be trying a diet and have decided to go with Whole30.

Over the last half-year, I’ve been looking into different forms of diets from keto to clean eating to Whole30. What you need to know is I am a huge diet skeptic, just talking about diets will put me in a snippy mood. After reading about so many new diet trends and getting all sorts of angry about them; I decided it was time to figure out why the nasty attitude. And the core reason is: I don’t want to eliminate any more foods in my life. This attitude sucks because I am letting my allergies be an excuse for something, which is no way to live. Life is better when you practice positivity!

Whole30 and food allergies

The Whole30 & Me

Now that the inner rage against diets is solved or better yet I have admitted it (because deep down inside I knew the reason, there was no detective work needed), what better way to ‘deal’ with this than to give a diet a try. The one I chose is Whole30. I like the fact that it is a reset and only lasts 30 days. It’s also pretty easy to do with my set of food allergies. Last year we cut out refined sugar and have cut down on our wheat consumption, so I think it can’t be that hard!

There was one final push towards choosing Whole30, which is my eczema. I was born with eczema, and over the last year and a half, I have had small flare ups on my hand. I did a little experiment of limiting my dairy intake, and this helped a lot. I have meant to do a longer period without dairy for my eczema. This works out perfectly with doing Whole30 since eliminating dairy is a component of the diet, and will the hardest part for me.

Nervous About Whole30

Dairy is my go to everything. Need a quick snack? Cheese. Need breakfast? Yoghurt. Wanna drink something delicious? Milk.

My love for dairy goes so far as I drink coffee for the milk! Needless to say, I’m nervous about how I will cope dairy-free for 30 days. Fortunately, coconut milk products are ok for Whole30! Other than dairy, breakfast is the most daunting part of the Whole30 since I generally eat some food that involves milk. I am also not a huge fan of eggs in the morning. But who says you can’t have dinner for breakfast or leftovers! It will be exciting to see how my relationship to breakfast and dairy changes.

Excited About Whole30

Gut health is an aspect of the diet I am looking forward to seeing the results of. I have been hearing about the relationship of gut health to allergies in many places, including my trip to the ENT that left me feeling all sorts of confused. I’m excited to see if this does anything for my environmental allergies.

Getting through Whole30

Now for the hard part, actually doing the Whole30. I am doing it with my hubby so we can hold each other accountable and there will be no temptations in our house. And I am telling you all right here right now! I will also be writing about the experience and how I manage it without being able to eat seeds and tree nuts – I can’t see that being too hard! I start January 10th and go until just before my birthday in February; maybe I will celebrate with a cold glass of milk or maybe after 30 days I won’t miss it at all!

Have you done the Whole30? What was your biggest challenge and what is your best piece of advice?

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