Easter Meal Round-up

A quick easter round-up

Easter is coming! In my family, we don’t have any particular food related traditions when it comes to Easter. Unless you count gorging on chocolate Easter eggs. My favourite were the Lindt chocolate bunnies, but a few years back I had a reaction to one from cross contamination. So the only sweets we have at Easter are the ones we make.

Easter just calls for spring-inspired foods and treats. For some reason, this means a lot of lemon and carrots should be involved. This is probably because of the Easter Bunny and his love for fresh produce, right?

Since I am just settling back in from an amazing five weeks of travel through Australia and Singapore, I am going to rely on my fellow Canadian food bloggers for Easter inspiration. From a full lamb meal to the Easter Bunny’s favourite gluten-free carrot cake these ladies have got your whole meal covered!

Bring on the Easter Food!

Easter Eggs from Mommydo.com
Whole Roasted Cauliflower from Maple and Marigold
Gluten Free Carrot Cake from The Inspired Home
Dairy-free Sugar Cookies from moi!, Allergy Girl Eats
Ontario Lamb Dinner from Off The Porch

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