Flying Emirates with a Peanut Allergy

Flying Emirates with a Peanut Allergy

During our trip to Australia, we took a total of 11 flights! After all those flights, I must say that I have become a lot cooler about flying. Not because they all went perfectly (more to come later about one of my nightmare situations coming true – it does not involve a reaction), but because with time you get into a routine and develop what makes you feel safe.

Things that I do are board last; I wipe down my seat, take my antihistamines, eat my plane food, have tiny moments of panic when they pass out little snack bags (and then chill when it’s just pretzels) and watch as many movies as possible. What I stopped doing was tell the flight crew about my allergies. This is because of an incident I read about with Emirates and the fact that I’ve almost been kicked off a plane twice.

Flying Emirates with a Peanut Allergy

Now, let’s talk about flying Emirates with a peanut allergy. When I first flew with Emirates, I was super nervous because they have kicked a passenger off the plane due to their allergy. I have since overcome that nervousness, and I have taken a total of 7 flights with Emirates, 5 of which were during our Australia trip. And each trip has been super easy. I wonder if it is because I haven’t said anything? Anyhow, they have an awareness of food allergies, even though their online statement is less than comforting.

The first time I flew with Emirates the food provided was not as heavily labeled as it was this time around. Most food items list the ingredients, and they have an allergy warning at the bottom of their menu. There were even foods I could eat but didn’t since I’m a ‘let’s not try anything new while in the air’ kinda gal.

Flying Emirates with a Peanut Allergy

My thought on eating food provided by an airline is that you just shouldn’t. Especially the meals. Even if they have the list of ingredients, you have no way of knowing if there was cross contact or what kind of kitchen facilities they have. To me, packaged food feels safer if you are in a pinch to eat something. I only ever eat food I personally bring on the plane.

Are Peanuts on Emirates Planes?

I don’t know if they serve nuts on the plane. If you can believe it all five flights I’ve been on with Emirates have been with the Airbus380, so who knows what fancy snacks the people upstairs are indulging in – it could be a peanut party for all I know. I wish I could tell you more about their peanut protocol and how they would handle an allergic reaction. I can tell you that on my seven flights with Emirates, I in no way experienced any form of reaction or sensation that nuts were near me.

My conclusion on flying Emirates with a peanut allergy is it’s up to your discretion. I personally feel safe traveling with Emirates. Plus they have had the cleanest planes I’ve been on, so even though their allergy policy is crap their planes are super clean!

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