Allergy Kit: Your personal allergy-first-aid kit

Allergy Kit for anaphylactic people.

An allergy kit should be your third arm if you are anaphylactic.

It always saddens me to read stories about a fatal allergic reaction that could have been avoided if the person had their EpiPen. I truly believe an allergy kit will help allergic people remember the necessary meds they should have on them at all times.

I started carrying an EpiPen with me at the age of 13, after my second visit to the hospital for an allergic reaction to peanuts. That hospital visit is where my peanut allergy turned from something that made me itchy and vomit to something that made it hard to breathe. I was 13 years old and had my first anaphylactic experience. Ever since that day I always have my allergy kit (including 2 EpiPens) with me, it has become my safety blanket.

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No-knead Bread

No knead bread, dense and crusty bread

This is the no-knead bread you totally need in your life right now!  I don’t eat store bought bread because there are too many cross-contaminates, and I was looking for a simple bread recipe. This no-knead bread was the solution. I love this bread! It is one of the most made things in my house. And it’s super easy; there is no kneading or proofing and all you need is 8-12 hours and a dutch oven. This bread makes you look like a pro baker. It has a perfectly crusty outside and a dense inside that screams for a little butter and honey. Did I mention it’s pretty much fool proof, you can make it in your sleep. I have literally stumbled out of bed, made the dough, and fallen right back asleep 10 minutes later.

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