Whole30 Day 26: Coffee

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 26

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 26

A few days ago I started adding a little coconut milk into my coffee. I have since realized coffee with something creamy is a drink without brakes for me. This means I can drink it and drink it and drink it!  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 25: A Whole30 dinner party!

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 25

Whole30 Meal Plan: day 25 - potato, kale & sausage soup

We don’t want to make Whole30 any easier on ourselves, I tell you! This weekend we had friends visiting and decided to invite some more friends over for dinner. They knew coming to visit meant there would be no eating out, no going to bars, and no alcohol… for us that is! Inviting friends for dinner and not serving them wine would be weird, right?  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 24: Give it time

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 24 - lunch-4

The thing about blogging each day of Whole30 is you get to witness the ups and downs of the program as they happen. And boy have I had my fair share in the last 24 days. Naturally, it will be different for everyone. This has been hard for me, but my hubby is taking it like a champ! See everybody is different even if you have the same diet! Continue reading

Whole30 Day 23: To skip the reintroduction or not to skip?

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 23

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 23: turkey breast and roasted veggies

I may have had some icky side effects, but I can see why people LOVE Whole30. At day 23 I am starting to see the benefits of a super clean and whole diet. The one biggie is my energy level, which is consistent throughout the day. I don’t experience any more ‘crashes.’ My energy level is even and feels lighter. So obviously I am wondering what’s causing this awesomeness, which brings me to the reintroduction… dun dun duuuun!  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 22: Grateful

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 22

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 22 - breakfast- potato pancakes and smoked salmon

The Whole30 journey is about more than just food.

Whole30 has given me a new perspective on my food allergies: gratefulness. I am so grateful for what I can eat. After going 22 days without grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, and alcohol, I have learned just how much is out there for me to enjoy!  Continue reading

30 Minute Meal Roundup

Six Heathy 30 Minute Meals

CANrecipe Jan 2017

Since starting Whole30, there hasn’t been to much time available to trying out new recipes. I do have a couple of Whole30 inspired recipes in the pipeline! But they haven’t been thoroughly tested, so you have to be patient for those. And I have some food allergy lifestyle blogs coming your way once all this healthy eating business is over 😀  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 21: Eat more fish

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 21

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 21: lunch - warm tomato and sardine salad

Today was the first day of Whole30 we didn’t eat any meat: we ate eggs and fish. Not eating any meat hit a reset button in the reset! We felt energized and excited about eating because the meals were refreshing and light. I would suggest, if you can (will be hard if you have an allergy to eggs or fish), to go one day without meat.  Continue reading

Whole30 Day 18: Let’s talk alcohol

Whole30 Meal Plan: Day 18

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 18: lunch

My relationship with alcohol has been a slightly troubling discovery during Whole30. So you have a better understanding of how much I drink… I probably drink about three nights a week, and that would be 1-3 glasses of wine or beer. I don’t like hard alcohol. Continue reading