Life Post-Whole30

Life after whole30. What has the reset taught me about my relationship to food.

Can you believe it’s been a little over a month since I completed Whole30! With much reflection, I can tell you that my relationship with food has changed, whether for the best, I am not sure. I had a feeling about two-thirds of the way in that I may experience food guilt from Whole30. Indeed there has been guilt. It is triggered by knowing that there is a ‘better’ way to fuel my body than by cereal, chocolate, cheese, pasta, and all the other Whole30 contraband I love. I’m not only eating those delicious foods, but I’ve added them back into my diet and feel guilty for doing so.

During the reset, my brain was continually occupied by what to eat, and assessing how foods made me feel. Now that I am not eating Whole30 but still thinking about it – the results can be a little troubling: obsessing over healthy food and not eating ‘healthy’ resulting in guilt. It’s an endless cycle.

It isn’t all bad; I just need to think about it little less. I recently read about the anti-diet, where you eat what you know makes you feel good. Feeling good in the lentil salad rather than ice cream sundae kind of way. The anti-diet is my approach to post-Whole30 eating. Incorporate what worked in Whole30 and add in what else makes me a little happy ‘n healthy – like gnocchi, cheese, cappuccinos, and the occasional ice-cream bar or slice of cake.

Going on an epic trip right after Whole30 was also a factor in all the guilty feels. Because we didn’t reintroduce, which may have been a good idea in retrospect (still not going to admit we SHOULD have done it. Stubborn. I know!), perhaps these feeling of guilt would have been addressed during this phase.

OK, so I’ve got a little guilt post-Whole30, but that can’t be it!

Life after whole30. What has the reset taught me about my relationship to food.

Weight loss, Bloating & Inflammation

You probably want to know whether I lost weight during Whole30, because I know I would want to know if you did 😋 I lost 1.2kg, pretty much a gigantic burrito! Honestly, I didn’t do it for the weight loss. But, the peeps who saw me during the reset were convinced I was shedding the pounds. It was actually inflammation that was disappearing.

35 days later I feel that hideous bloating sensation I had during Whole30, but this time it’s after I eat unrefined wheat. And the flat tummy that started to take shape is a little less flat, which I am going to assume is inflammation coming back.

Meat, Meat & Eggs

Post-Whole30 I went a whole week without meat, and I honestly didn’t even realize it. We ate so much meat that I somehow avoided it unconsciously. That being said, now I am starting to crave meat and eggs! Can you believe I’ve begun to long for a poached egg and veggies? What happened to craving chocolate? Oh yeah, I binged real hard and ate way too much chocolate which made me realize I can live without it, or at least don’t need it when I crave it. I let in the sugar dragon and then instead of slaying it, we have become friends and have come to a mutual understanding. This is where the anti-diet can come into play or as the classic saying goes: everything in moderation.

Will I do it again?

The short answer: probably. I can see this becoming a thing I do once in a while. Whole30 is expensive and time-consuming, so I would have to prepare for that and make sure I do it when nothing is going on. For now, we are planning on doing at least two days a week Whole30 style, and see where it goes from there.

The takeaway has been to remind myself that it’s just food, don’t over think it, and don’t let it control you.

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