Whole30 Day 25: A Whole30 dinner party!

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 25

Whole30 Meal Plan: day 25 - potato, kale & sausage soup

We don’t want to make Whole30 any easier on ourselves, I tell you! This weekend we had friends visiting and decided to invite some more friends over for dinner. They knew coming to visit meant there would be no eating out, no going to bars, and no alcohol… for us that is! Inviting friends for dinner and not serving them wine would be weird, right? 

Last week I wrote about my new found relationship with alcohol. This dinner party was going to test out what it’s like to be sober at a party. And the verdict is being dry at your dinner party is great! No hangover the next day, clean up is a breeze, you don’t over cook the salmon, and you get to learn a lot about yourself. Being sober at a social event dials you in with you! After all, Whole30 is about self-discovery.

Throwing a dinner party during Whole30 is entirely doable, and your guests will love eating clean! My tip is to serve fabulous infused water to keep you hydrated all night long.


Whole30 Meal Plan: breakfast - eggs

Breakfast: Bacon, apples baked with bacon fat, fried egg with onions, and coffee with coconut milk

Whole30 Meal Plan: day 25 - potato, kale & sausage soup

Lunch: Potato, kale, & sausage Soup

Made a huge pot to feed our guests! Such a welcoming meal 😀

Whole30 Meal Plan: day 25Whole30 Meal Plan: day 25Whole30 Meal Plan Day 25

Dinner Party Dinner: Started with olives. The main course was baked salmon, zucchini gratin, cauliflower mash, and a side salad. Dessert was a mango & coconut nice-cream (a little SWYPO).

For the nice-cream: blend coconut milk and frozen mango, pop it back in the freezer until serving time.

Whole30 Meal Plan: breakfast - eggs, lunch - potato, kale & sausage soup, dinner - salmon and cauliflower mash

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