Whole30 Day 30: the last day!

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 30

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 30 - breakfast

It’s the last day of Whole30, and the reintroduction debate continues. Yes, I’ve felt the benefits of eating clean, but nothing has been overwhelming. So, dear readers, meet my lazy and defiant side. I’m not going to follow the complete reintroduction plan. I know… bad! This doesn’t mean tomorrow I’ll be eating pizza, toasting with wine, and snacking on sundaes. I’ll take it slow but not over ten days and not the way it is in the book (It Starts with Food).

If I see some serious trouble with my gut or energy, then I will slow it down even more. I have to go back to why I started Whole30. I wanted to try a month without dairy for my skin and my tummy problems. I wanted to slay the sugar dragon. And I just like challenges.

As of now, I’ve met the sugar dragon and know how to keep him in his cave. Unfortunately, I needed to intervene when it came to my eczema and tummy because both were getting worse. So I can’t tell for sure if dairy was the culprit.

Me & Food

I am leaving these 30 days with a new relationship and respect for food. My attitude towards food has always been troubled. Especially since I continue to develop new food allergies as an adult, which has created a hyper-awareness of what I can eat. By intentionally limiting food for 30 days I have lost any anger that can come with food allergies. My limitations are no longer something I resent or feel sorry about. Thank you Whole30 for helping me further embrace my food allergies.

Life after Whole30

Stay tuned for a follow-up post about how I feel after Whole30. Coming at you next week because I’m taking a little break from blogging every day and having a chill weekend without taking pictures of everything I eat.

Finally, thanks for following along on this journey! You guys have been so supportive and helped me stay on track. It has been quite the ride and it’s been wonderful sharing it with you all.

– Kortney xx


Whole30 Meal Plan Day 30 - breakfast

Breakfast: Potato pancakes, bacon, applesauce, and coffee
*Potato pancake recipe coming soon!

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 30 - lunch

Lunch: Roasted broccoli, carrot & sweet potato purée, chicken with a lemon basil sauce
→ This meal was an homage to all the green and orange we ate over the last 30 days 😀

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 30 - big salad

Dinner: Big salad with leftover chicken from lunch, roasted peppers, avocado and tomato
→ Last meal was a celebration of leftovers and our favourite ‘go to’ meal creatively named Big Salad

Whole30 Meal Plan Day 30 - potato pancakes, chicken and broccoli, big salad

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