Whole30 Day 9: Having Food Allergies Helps!

Whole30 Meal Plan: Day 9

Whole30 Day 9 Lunch

A lot of people get nervous about starting Whole30 because they’ve never had to be careful with what they eat and know exactly what’s in their food. Well, doesn’t this sound a lot like life with food allergies. When you’ve got food allergies, avoiding foods, bringing safe foods on an outing, and being a label reading ninja isn’t anything new.

Whole30 + Food Allergies = Piece of Cake
(but just the kind that’s dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, and sugar-free!)

I had a super warm and fuzzy moment over the weekend when my hubby ordered a ginger tea. When he got the tea, he double checked that it was just pure ginger. OMG guys! It was such a food allergy person move! My heart exploded with recognition! ❤️

If you want someone to know what it’s like living with food allergies, get them to do Whole30, even if they only last a week. They will see how much planning, reading, and questioning is involved in something as simple as eating.

Eating + Simple = LOLZ!

Conclusion: If you have food allergies and want to do Whole30, you will be a pro! 👍


Whole30 Day 9 Breakfast

Whole30 Day 9 Breakfast

Breakfast: Frittata with Caramelized Onions & butternut squash, salad with avocado dressing, green smoothie, and black coffee

If you’ve never made a frittata before, Kristen form A Mind Full of Mom has a great step by step recipe for a Broccoli Asparagus Frittata. Her recipe calls for parmesan and milk, but that can be left and out to make it Whole30 approved (it worked for me).

Whole30 Day 9 Lunch

Lunch: Roasted chicken & veggies, and leftover potato soup (not picture)

Whole30 Day 9 Dinner

Dinner: Chicken with guacamole, and leftover creamy curry meat soup (not pictured)

Whole30 Day 9 Meal Plan: Frittata, roasted chicken, guacamole

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